Dennis Wilson Jazz

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"We formed the group about 4 years ago to Play at Lucy's bar and grill in Kailua and we played 54 weeks straight then we just finished a 20 month run at the Brasserie Du Vin. We also play as the core of the Dennis Wilson Quintet around Honolulu for private gigs and at the Wards Rafters (that has been a 6 piece lately)."

Dennis Wilson - trumpet:  He played in the University of Oregon Jazz lab. Played with White Collar Crime (R&B ) for 17 years and played jazz in the Portland jazz scene for 10 years and 6 years in Honolulu.

Ethan Capone - piano:  He  is a professional musician and a private piano instructor in Honolulu.  He has performed with many well known groups in Hawaii such as Henry Kapono, Paradise Sisters, The Deadbeats, The Bentos, Black Sand and Souled Out.

Christian Roth - Bass:  He attended Western Washington University and played 1st chair for the Jazz ensemble and studied under Chuck Isreals for 9 years ( Bill Evans Bass player) and then played jazz in Seattle for 10 years and here in Hawaii for 4 years.
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